Makan, Makan 005 – Honeymoon Dessert

As you can see from the date on the receipt, this is a 3 months outdated OMSTT post! LOL! It seemed as though I had totally forgot about this. 🙂

Anyhoot, this round, the colleagues and I dropped by Honeymoon Dessert at Somerset 313. The good thing was that the price was quite reasonable for a dessert shop located within a shopping centre and that there’s plenty of desserts for everyone’s taste bud. I for one was spoilt for choice! The service however wasn’t satisfying. The menu does offer us to get additional top up of our favourite ingredients and while ordering, a colleague of mine requested for extra something and the waiter’s response was “I’m sorry, there isn’t enough space in your bowl for the extra thing”. How is it that I’m a paying customer and I’m paying for the additional something and you’re telling me that I can’t add anything because the bowl was full?

Overall, the desserts was awesome so much that when in HK, I went to their outlet there TWICE to have more desserts! 🙂


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