Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 3

Once again, we did another touristy thing on the third day but before that, we dropped by somewhere to fill our empty stomach. 🙂

Remember that in the Day Two entry, I’ve mentioned that the eating place at the mosque was closed when we got there that day? We went back there again the next day! And man, that was something we didn’t regret! The food was heavenly!

I miss the ‘Mushroom with Oyster Sauce’ dish (last picture). Nas says that the dish is very easy to make. Her exact words was, you can boil the shitake mushroom and cabbage then you add oyster sauce. Truth to be told, I’m having a little doubt about it.. LOL!

The boss of Islamic Centre Canteen saw us trying to sneak a picture of the canteen and actually offered us to enter the kitchen and take picture with the chef! HAHA! The boss is a very nice and friendly guy who entertained our crazy antics.

We actually took the tram (you know, the double decker bus which has that electric cable thingy on top and moves on the track on the road?) to Central as we needed to drop by Longchamp for some important purchases (another one that  was closed when we dropped by on Day Two).

The peak terminal was actually a few meters away from the longchamp shop. You can refer to the direction signs and it will lead you directly to the terminal.

We ourselves couldn’t believe how near it was and the two girls kept asking about where should we take the bus that will bring us to the terminal. -_____-!!!

The queue for the tram was pretty long but the wait wasn’t that long. I initially thought that there’s only one tram operating but boy I was wrong, there’s two trams going up and down the rail at one time! For those who didn’t know, the tram actually climb up to the peak at a very steep angle of 45 degrees! How cool is that! 😛

We got the ticket from our guesthouse at HKD190 (approx SGD$32) which entitles us a two way ride on the Tram, entrance to the Peak Sky Terrace and entrance to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Wax Museum.

We went to the Madame Tussauds first. I find it amazing as to how life-like the wax statues are. Even to the smallest details like the goatie on the chin.

We had lots of fun going around taking pictures with the “celebs”. There’s some that we have never heard of and did not take pictures with them.

The Sky Terrace has a great view of the whole city with strong winds blowing into your face. The disappointing part was the Symphony of Lights display. It looked more like those spot light we see at MBS every single day. No WOW factor in it.
We boarded the topless bus and was supposed to drop off at Central MTR but I guess we’re too tired that in the end, we found ourselves at the Central Star Ferry Piers. It was a blessing in disguise actually as at least now, we have a reason to get on the ferry!

The ferry stopped at Tsim Sha Tsui where we got our first taste of the mobile softee ice cream before making our way back to the hostel and eat our cup noodle before heading to bed.

Here’s a break down of Day 3

Directions to Islamic Centre Canteen – get off at Wan Chai Station, exit at A3 Johnston Road, turn left, walk straight on the other side of the road until you see Istanbul Turkish Kebabs and Grill on the left and The Charterhouse building on the right, walk into the carpark of The Charterhouse building which will lead you to another road andwalllllahhhh~ you’ll see the mosque.

Ride on the bus tram – HKD2.30 (approx 40cents SGD)

Ticket for two way ride on the Tram, entrance to the Peak Sky Terrace and entrance to Madame Tussauds Hong Kong Wax Museum.from our guesthouse at HKD190 (approx SGD$32).

Take bus 15C from the Peak Tram Terminus to Central Star Ferry Piers (vice versa).

Ferry ride from Central Star Ferry Piers to Tsim Sha Tsui – HKD2.40 (approx 40cents SGD)

Mobile Softee ice cream – HKD6 (approx SGD$1)

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8 thoughts on “Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 3

  1. Aney says:

    Love the pictures you took at the wax museum! very entertaining to scan through, haha
    And the food, OMG, they’re making me hungryyyy

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