Haul : September

I’m actually five days late! Geez! September actually flew by very quickly! Too quick I’d say especially when I’m having so much fun. Okay, back to business, let’s start with body products before we move on to clothes! πŸ™‚1) Essential Damage Care Rich Premier Hair Essence

This was a repurchase. I find that I need to use this on the ends of my hair every now and then to prevent split ends from reappearing. I think they did reformulate the product. Couldn’t tell the difference though. ;/

2) TRESemme Volumising Mousse

My hair tends to lay flat almost all the time and I got this during my trip to HK to help with the hair problem. It costs less than $10 after conversion. Super cheap I feel. Anyways, I can’t say much about the product yet since I haven’t tried it long enough.

3) Dove Go Fresh : Cool Waterlily & Freshmint Scent Deodorant

Oh man! This has got to be my new favourite deodorant to date! I can finally use the word HG on this product! HAHA! Okay, this is going to sound weird but the scent that it gives off smells like the inside of a TAXI! Yeah, it reminds me of the smell of taxis. LOL! Weird eh? I love love love this product so much!

4) Dramatic Rich Liquid Eyeliner

Do you ever get tired of smudged eyeliners? I did and I actually went to SASA to get the Dolly Wink brand but since they did not have it, I purchased this one without knowing if it’s good or not. It was sort of a gamble I’d say.

This eyeliner is one of the countless eyeliners I have bought and for once, this eyeliner is really what it says. Waterproof. I can wash my face and look up into the mirror and still see the eyeliner where it was and most importantly, not smudged! Putting on an eyeliner have never been this much fun! I couldn’t remember how much it costs exactly but it’s definitely above $20 and the best thing is that its worth every penny!

5) Fairy Drops Mascara

Forget maybelline, forget loreal and forget every other brands cos this is the best mascara to date! I personally love this mascara. One, it has awesomely cute packaging and it’s pink! Two, it is waterproof. Three, it has awesome bristles which gets every single eyelash you have! Four, it also adds volume to your lashes and holds the curl pretty well. It sells at $24.90 at SASA and this product definitely gives a run for your money.

6) Formula 10.o.6 Keep Me Clean Clarifying Facial Wipes

After trying their face scrub and falling loving with it (even my nephew likes it), I decided to give this product a try. If I remember correctly, it costs less than $10. The wipes do work when it comes to removing the foundation and eyeshadows on my face but what it doesn’t do is remove my mascara and eyeliner. I doubt I’ll repurchase this item once I’m done with it.

7) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Finally, the last cosmetic product I purchased this month has got to be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation. I sort of hit pan on my MAC and it’s about time to get a new one. I did get myself a sample of this product before making a decision [review here] as this product stands at $75 which is a huge price difference from my MAC. I love how light the product is on my skin and I normally set it with my MAC loose powder. I love the slight fragrance that the foundation has which I now find quite refreshing. The only hassle about this product is that I have to shake it properly before using. All in all, I’d suggest you people to give this product a chance to impress you and go have a try on it! πŸ™‚

Pardon me for the crumpled top. I pulled it out of my drawer and didn’t even bother to iron it. Lazy TTM.Β This denim shirt was bought in H&M in Hong Kong and after conversion, it costs about $34 which is reasonably cheap.

The thing that draws me to the top is the ruffles on the chest area which makes it look more expensive than it was.

This formal red top was also bought from H&M in HK. I figured that it would be nice to wear it to work.

This is the only top which I have yet to wear out! Like the other two tops, I got it from H&M HK. I’m still thinking as to how I should ‘style’ it. Maybe I should pair it with my capri. Idk.

This has got to be my most favourite purchase from H&M HK. It’s actually one piece shawl but the different pattern gives an illusion of having two shawls! Nice eh?

Last item, got this Reebok sweater from Reebok Outlets at City Gates Outlets in HK. I love how simple the design is and now is a great weather to wear this out!

I have lots of things to update but there’s no time for me to sit in front of my imac and typeeeee. How like that?


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