Hong Kong : 6D5N – Day 1

It was an early morning flight. 06:50am flight to be exact which ment that we have to check in at 04:50am! Knowing us, we only checked in close to 06:00am. It was a ‘girls only’ trip so the three guys up there are our chauffeurs. Heh. It was a four hours flight which means that we have to eat something or else we would die of hunger!

I couldn’t express how much I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE the window seat and I’m glad that the girls know that and offered me the window seat! 🙂 I’ll go in awe at the beauty I see.

Four hours later, we finally touched down at HK airport! I was filled with excitement and a tiny bit of worry since this is our first time in HK and we know nuts about speaking Cantonese!

Psst, notice how short the control tower at HK airport as compared to the one in SG (top left hand picture)?

The airport was super huge. The distance from the gate to the custom is very far and after getting our passport chopped, we actually have to board a train to the airport terminal!!

Our first stop was to get the ‘octopus card’ which is equivalent to our ‘ezlink’ card. We got a little confused as to what card we should get since they have two different cards. Octopus card and the airport express card. The airport express card is only for the airport express train which will bring us from the airport to the city. Whereas the octopus card can be used for everything (i.e. taking the MTR, taking the cab, paying for stuffs etc.) except for boarding the airport express train. Geddit?

Psst, There’s actually another alternative to riding the airport express. The airport actually have buses to the city called Airbus which could save us some money from getting the airport express card as it uses the octopus card. But since everyone says that taking the train is faster and we couldn’t be bothered to find out where the bus is, so we took the airport express. 🙂

Airport express card : Group of 3- Single Journey  Ticket Set to Tsing Yi Station = HKD125 (Approx SGD$21 / SGD$7 per person).
Octopus card = HKD150 (HKD100 value & HKD50 deposit) = (Approx SGD$25 per person). 

The popeyes at the airport is actually halal and so we dropped by to fill our stomach knowing that the next time we see food would be many hours later. The price is the same as the ones in SG.

The airport express train is super fast and super comfortable. The interior actually reminded us of the KTM train. Look at the last picture, it actually shows how far we are from the next station. Cool eyy?

We alighted at Tsing Yi station and got on the MTR (last picture).

We dropped off at Mongkok station and went to Exit D – Argyle Street where our hostel is located at. We had some difficulty in trying to find our hostel. #1, We couldn’t converse in cantonese and unfortunately, everyone there at that time couldn’t speak english #2, Despite showing them the map we printed out from the hostel website, nobody could point us to the right direction and #3, those who did, pointed us to the wrong direction. So how did we find the hostel?  We actually played the matching game! We managed to match a building’s chinese characters to the chinese characters we have on the map and yes, problem solved!

Our hostel is located on the 8th floor. The building was quite worn down and I kept telling Nas and Zee as to how this place reminded me of the movie flat 3A (here). Lucky for the two of them, they don’t know what I was talking about. LOL! The room was surprisingly bigger than what we saw on youtube (here). We have two separate rooms. One has a single bed (Top right hand & bottom left hand picture) and one has a double bed (Bottom right hand picture). The room is air-conditioned, has television which we almost couldn’t bother to switch on, refrigerator, hot water, bathroom and a place to hang our clothes. The owner was very friendly and helpful too!

The hostel was approximately HKD2850 (SGD$475/ $160 per person for 5 nights). You might be asking why we chose hostels and here’s the reason why. #1, We rather save the extra money for other stuffs #2, we are unlikely to spend most of the time in the room so there’s no point on staying in a posh hotel and #3, all the hotels in HK are expensive and small. Besides, this wasn’t our first time staying in a hostel.

Day One was mainly about us settling down, walking around mongkok, ladies market and us changing clothes in front of everyone in their Esprit outlet. 🙂

We gambled and took bus #10 from the bustop located in front of the building beside our hostel to the makan place.

Islam food is located at No. 1 Lung Kong Road.  Bus 10 stops directly in front of the place.

We had wild mushroom, veal goulash (something like meat wrapped in roti prata), boiled chicken dumpling, steamed bun (our favorite!), steamed beef dumpling and smoked chicken with spicy soy sauce. Boy it was a huge spread and our tummy was of course happy from all the food! 🙂

We couldn’t find the bus to get us back to our hostel and the person from 7-11 told us to take this public bus (last picture) that will bring us to mongkok. We boarded the bus not knowing what to do. Everyone who boarded the bus went straight to the seat and didn’t pay! It was silly of us to assume that it was free! Hah! I finally asked the guy who was sitting beside me and we were told that there’s a flat rate of HKD6.50 which is to be paid when we get down from the bus. The guy was super nice to even show us how to walk back to our hostel. 🙂

Here’s a break down of day 1:

Tiger Airways (2-way) = SGD$390. (initial price was SGD$290 but since this trip was postponed from March 2011 to September 2011 due to work commitment, we had to add SGD$100 for that).

Airport Express to Tsing Yi Station= Group of 3 – Single Journey Ticket Set = HKD125 = HKD42 per person = SGD$7 per person.

Octopus Card = HKD150 (HKD100 value & HKD50 deposit) = SGD$25 per person*
*HKD100 value was insufficient for the trip and we ended up topping up about HKD100 more.
*One can top up a minimum amount of HKD50 each time. Fret not, the money will be refunded back when you return the octopus card.

 Oi Suen Guesthouse (here)= HKD2850 = SGD$475 = $160 per person for 5 nights

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