Over the top expensive.

I haven’t been to Breeks for the longest time and when I saw a friend of mine mention on twitter that they have revamped the whole menu, I decided to give it a try!

I visited Breeks with a couple of friends for iftar and the service was so bad! The restaurant was small which means that they have very few tables but the service was very bad. It took them quite some time to take our order and serve us food and even drinks! It was beyond ridiculous. You can raise your hands and the waitress will just ignore you. That was how bad the service was.

Food choice? I’d only recommend the Char-Grilled Ribeye (100gm) with Snail Sausages which is the last picture. Almost everyone on our table ordered the same thing! The bill mounted up to about $30 per person which was over the top expensive and ridiculous!

Overall, for my case, Breeks was a disappointment and for the price that I paid, I could easily pay a meal for two at Swensens or thirteen chefs or ahhh you get what I mean. It’s just too expensive.


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