Golden Ticket for Two

After many  years of waiting for my turn to get the golden ticket to see the National Day Parade, the day finally came. I wasn’t exactly the one who got the ticket. But to put it in a nice way, I did apply for the tickets for him. So technically its mine isn’t it?

It was sort of a bummer that this year, the National Day falls on the fasting month so it was quite a hassle. We both had to leave earlier and buy food for breaking fast. The weather wasn’t helping much either. The sun was blazing hot and the both of us were grouchy as a result of that.

That aside, the best thing about being physically there at the floating platform and not on your couch watching the whole parade through your 40″ tv is that you get to experience the super energetic atmosphere. Everyone was waving their flags and ransacking through the goodie bag! To be honest, I love the torch light the best! Psssst, since I have two, I use it as a vanity light! Heh!

Nevertheless, my favorite part of the show would be the fireworks! Ahhhh.. One dollars, Ten dollars, Twenty dollars, Hundred dollars….popping up in the sky…(if you know what I mean). Heh. It was a great experience and hopefully I’d get to go again next year. Hopefully we won’t be grouchy next year ok, dear?


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