Haul : August

My MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachykeen (which I got from Smoochiezz spree [here]) pretty much cracked after about two or three (or maybe more) dives onto the floor. Half of it turned into powder while the rest tends to crumble whenever I stick my brush on it. )=  I couldn’t stand it anymore thus I ordered a new MAC blusher online at Smoochiezz.com. Got myself the Mineralize Blush in Band of Roses. Compared to Peachykeen which is more sheer and definitely buildable, Band of Roses is very bright and it’s very easy to overdo it. With just a stroke of brush onto the pan and working it onto my skin, I simply love the rosey color it leaves on my skin.

Went into a shop in Far East Plaza, and I happen to notice them selling this dupe for “curlformers”.
How it works? Put your wet hair into the curlformers and wait until the whole hair dries. The curlformers is supposed to hold your wet hair into shape as it dries! This way you avoid using any hot tools that may damage your hair.

Ahh.. this is the reason why I look forward to hitting into the shower on weekends and probably spend like 1 hour in there! I love the smell of the product! Before using this, I used to have white lines appearing on my skin which most likely indicates the amount of dead skin on my body *yucks* and now, its completely gone! Love love love this product. It will also leave your body with a tiny layer of shear butter as you step out of the shower. ❤

I’ve been experimenting with this product since the beginning of August. It took me a while before finally convincing myself to purchase it. I’ll spray it a few times on my face before and after I apply my make up. The Loreal True Match powder foundation tends to dry a certain part on my cheek and with this product, I can wear that foundation without worrying about over drying my skin. I do still apply my Cetaphil Moisturizer before everything else and I do switch that foundation in between my MAC loose powder. The staying power of my make up definitely improved. The best thing is that I barely need any touch up throughout the day.

Beauty stuffs aside, I got this exact same bag from Zara. It was suprisingly only $59.90 (if i remember correctly! heh!) Lets just say that I love this bag so so much that I’ve been using it almost every single day! It fits almost everything and I love the fact that I can carry it over the shoulder, sling-ed and over the arm!

ITS TGIF! So hope you’ll enjoy the weekend! XoXo


2 thoughts on “Haul : August

  1. Aney says:

    I feel like getting the spray from urban decay also!! the climate here stop it eh (padahal mcm tak biase gitu), makeup starts melting like, 30 minutes after I step out of the house, zzzz.

    EH FREAKING NICE BAG BTW!! And very worth it for a Zara bag!!!

    • rai-ana says:

      HAHA! Tell me about it! Lucky I’m working in an office environment so I’m safe from the heat but it dries my skin. Yeah, you should give it a try. 🙂

      The bag is great for a heavy packer like me! It’s going to last me like many2 months before I have to get a new one.

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