Back to Mother Nature…

I’ve never stepped into Sungei Buloh before. Maybe it’s because the place is inaccessible if you don’t have your own wheels. My colleagues and I dropped by the place the weekend before Ramadhan started. We’re well equipped with mosquito repellant! We brought the stick on your shirt type (that Doraemon in the first picture) and a few different types of spray ons!

Since it was a weekend, we each had to pay $1 entrance fee.

A random birdwatcher let us have a peep though her stylo miloΒ binoculars and we saw some birds across the lake. According to the birdwatcher, now is the season for the birds to migrate and they’re actually stopping here for food.

It was interesting walking around trying to spot weird insects and what nots amongst all the greens. It took us like 3 hours plus to walk around Sungei Buloh! Sungei Buloh is going to go under some revamping process soon so if you have time, why not drop by before the changes takes place! πŸ™‚



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