Haul : July!

I didn’t buy much stuffs last month. I bought more clothes compared to beauty products just because I feel like I don’t have much clothes to wear everyday!

Got the cropped top above from Forever 21 just because I love the patterns and the top is super comfy to wear during hot weather!

This top is probably my most favourite purchase of all! Got this top from Bershka! This top is going to be my ‘lepak at night during cold weather’ attire! LOL! It’s like a hoodie but with no hood kind of material if you know what I mean. Love the color and the caption! So cliche! I know! Wait till I show you the back! πŸ™‚

Cute right?!!! *jumping up and down*

I am also loving this maxi dress! The pattern is so batik-ish. Got it from Forever 21! I actually wore this out for a self-photoshoot with the bf. ❀

Basic knitted long sleeved top from Zara. Bought during the sales just because I just felt like I need to leave the shop with something from Zara. Crazy. I know.

Got this denim long sleeved shirt from Cache Cache to match the denim shirt my bf have! πŸ™‚

I tried this on in the dressing room and as you can see, I ended up getting it!

Now, for beauty stuffs,

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is loveeeeeeeed! I would love to get the full size but I just didn’t think that it was necessary as I rarely use perfume. The scent is flowery and not too strong. It’s also a scent that is more suitable to wear to work. Oh man, I pretty much sucked at describing the scent. 😦

I saw on smoochieezz’s website that they have a push cart thing at Jurong Interchange (until 30 Aug 2011). I got bored one day and decided to drop by after work! I left the push cart shop with two eyeshadow brushes which costs $8 each. I believe they’re from coastal scents.

I’m not sure if it’s the brush or me cos I tend to get some eyeshadow fall out during application. This didn’t happen with my ecotools brush though. ):

Been wanting to try NYX concealer in a jar and I got this from the push cart thingy the day after! I got the one in green to cover the red spots on my face. Especially on the corner of my nose. Loving the scent and how blendable it is.


4 thoughts on “Haul : July!

  1. fuzzygreenlights says:

    “Bought during the sales just because I just felt like I need to leave the shop with something from Zara. Crazy. I know.”

    LOL! I’m like that too! I usually end up buying their basics! (:

  2. Aney says:

    hahahaha i love zara basics too! my favourite is the tank tops there, great for layering! and their cardigans are awesome, the colour stays the same even after several washes! πŸ™‚

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