My take on Make Up wipes

I wouldn’t that I’m a lazy make up user. I put on my make up in the morning and when night comes, I’ll just use the make up wipes to remove whatever is left on my face. Only when there’s signs of break out or what nots that I’ll start washing my facial cleanser.

All these years, I’ve been using the Biore Clensing Oil in Cotton wipes and I recently decided to try a new brand which is the Swisspers Spa Facial Clensing Wipes. I’m starting to love it more than my Biore wipes. Here’s why:

The typical Biore wipes you normally see.

The new facial wipes that I'm currently using (pssssst//it's also cheaper than Biore!).

Based on looking at the pictures above, if you noticed, the wipes are different in size. Biore’s wipes are smaller and despite having 30 sheets in a packet, I’d normally end up taking two pieces to thoroughly remove all make up on my face. Swisspers wipes are double in size and is made of a much thicker cloth. It comes in three different fragrance. I got myself the pomegranate extract which explains the pink colored wipes (a plus!). This particular brand of wipes have also been featured as a winner in Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2011! The down side of this however is that it doesn’t remove waterproof mascara as well as Biore. This is not a problem for me as I rarely put on mascara and if I ever need to remove it, I can always use my Maybelline Eye Make Up Remover. 🙂

If you have other recommendations or what nots on the next facial wipes I should try, please leave in the comment. Thanks!


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