Tioman : 3D2N , Paya Beach Resort

The bus departed for Tanjong Gemok (Mersing) at around 6:30am from Golden Mile. The journey is estimated to take 4 hours and the ferry ride from Tanjong Gemok (Mersing) to Tioman would take like 1.5 hours. The bus stopped for a lunch in JB.

The ferry terminal was pretty small and there wasn’t anything to shop around for.

I had a bottle of cough syrup accompanying me throughout my trip. We checked into the resort, washed up and headed out to find food and things to occupy our day.

The burger ramly was so good that I had it for like 3 days in a row! Bf and I finally got to canoe! It was at RM30 per hour.

Buffet dinner at the resort was very disappointing. I stacked up lots of food on my plate but I could barely eat them. The smell of mutton was too strong that I had no appetite for it at all. So instead, we went to the coffeeshop and bought burger, keropok lekor and many many packets of Teh-O.

That night, we took out the extra bedsheet and laid it outside the resort and sat under the stars munching on the tidbits and foods we bought.

Breakfast was less disappointing compared to last night’s dinner. We filled our tummy, rented the snorkeling gears (Mask – RM8, Jacket – RM7) and headed out for our snorkeling trip.

So after snorkeling, we had our lunch at the resort. We randomly decided to have a walk and chanced upon a scary looking worn down house. We got lots of mosquito bites from that short walk. There wasn’t much things to do to occupy our time there so we played pool. (RM3 per game)

On our last day, the ferry that was supposed to send us back to Tanjong Gemok was delayed. It was supposed to arrive at 12noon but instead, it arrived at 3+pm due to the heavy rain. We got a little worried that our coach which was supposed to depart at 2:15pm would leave without us. Let’s just say that upon reaching Tanjong Gemok jetty at 4+pm, the bus was still there waiting for us. Alhamdulillah.

More information on the trip:
Singapore (Golden Mile) to Tanjong Gemok (Mersing) via coach – 4 hours.
Tanjong Gemok to Tioman Island via ferry – 1.5hours.

We did booking via Konsortium Express & Tours.
SGD$258 per pax (inclusive of Peak season surcharge of SGD$60 per adult & School Holiday Surcharge at SGD$20 per room per night) for :
Return Coach and Ferry,
Standard Chalet at Paya Beach Resort inclusive of Daily Breakfast,
Welcome Drink (which we didn’t get),
1 Snorkeling Trip to Renggis Island & Marine Park,
1 Lunch and 2 Buffet Dinner

Overall, the room was great but expect some unexpected visitors like house lizards in your room. The resort claimed to have housekeeping but from what we noticed, there wasn’t any. Our room was the same like how we left them in the morning. Nothing was cleaned and the towels weren’t changed. Snorkeling there was great as there’s plenty of fishes to see. The only down side about Tioman was that there isn’t much activities to be done to occupy your day and the disappointing foods provided by the resort.

If you’re willing to travel further up and slightly longer, I’d recommend going to Perhentian Island instead. [HERE] With the same amount, you’ll get more snorkeling trips and definitely better food! 🙂 All in all, this was a great experience.


6 thoughts on “Tioman : 3D2N , Paya Beach Resort

  1. Aney says:

    I am in love with Perhentian! Definitely better than any other islands in Malaysia! And it’s quite uninhabited when I went (two years ago). The marine life is amazing there ❤

    But what a pity the food quality provided at the Tioman resort was dismal. :/ Thank god for the good ol' Ramly burger! 🙂

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