Haul : Shopping

Hello everyone! This is going to be a collective haul with stuffs I got since probably the last haul post I did. Click ‘Continue Reading” to read on or scroll down to the next entry if you’re not interested in such entry. 🙂

The shoe above is known as the Vibramfivefingers shoe. Despite the fact that it costs a bomb, it claimed to be better than the normal sports shoes. 🙂 It definitely did attract lots of attention during my last marathon. I’ve used it quite a few times and I’m loving how it feels on my feet. 🙂

I’m loving these heels from New Look. New Look is like my go to place when I’m looking for heels to buy! The designs they have never disappoint me. The price tag on them however tends to burn a huge hole in my wallet. This pair costs about $60+ and they’re too gorgeous to say no to. 😦

(left to right : eye kabuki brush, flat top kabuki brush, 20g sifter jar & Rachel K BB Cream)

Bought a few brushes and a sifter jar for my loose powder online. Loving the texture of the brush gliding on my face. It’s super soft! I was looking for a BB cream for days where I don’t feel like wearing much make up. My initial intention was to get the Skin79 BB Cream which almost everyone raved about. As I was about to purchase the item, I chanced upon this new product and it was stated that it’s better than the normal BB cream and this CC (Color Control) cream is unlikely to cause breakouts. As much as I wanted to try new products, I don’t want anything that can break me out. Thus I got this instead. 🙂

I finally got myself a sun hat during my recent trip! I’m not sure if I should wear it out. I’m sure it would attract lots of unnecessary attention out there. 😦

On the same trip, I also got myself a huge ass bag! The batik pattern is so nice and unique! One negative thing about this bag is that the zip opens on all three sides. Thus the likeliness of things falling off the bag.

I’m on a roll with shawls! Got this from New Look a few days back during my shopping spree with the girls. Loving the heart prints! This shawl is more for fashion accessory rather than keeping yourself warm.

The last item would be these shoestring vests i got from New Look. They’re more like spaghetti strap but more for wearing under see through top!

Hope you’re having a great time shopping during the GSS season! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Haul : Shopping

  1. Aney says:

    Hi there! First time here 🙂 I used to have a similar batik bag too! I loved it!!!! but unfortunately, something happened to the zip so I don’t use it anymore. Btw, I love going to New Look to buy heels as well!!!! Haha, sorry excited cos I find someone who likes doing that too 🙂

    • rai-ana says:

      Oh, hello there! 🙂 I love the batik bag too cos it’s unique! But it’s a tad too big and the zip opens all the way! Maybe you can get your zipper replaced? Yey! New Look shoes lover! I’m not much into their fashion but their shoes are to die for despite the price. But paying alot for good quality shoes is worth it ain’t it? 🙂 Anw, thanks for dropping by and most importantly, thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

  2. mynakedlunch says:

    hi babe! the sales at new look still on? and is the sale worth it? cause if it is, i’m going to shop there soon! hehehehe

    • rai-ana says:

      Hi! I went there last friday and the sales is still on! Think they’ll be on till the end of the month? Same time as GSS? Not many of their products are on sales though. I’m not that into their clothing line so I spent most of my time at the shoe racks! Think the same shoes that was on sales were on sales again. If you get what I mean. LOL! Just drop by and see if there’s anything you like that I might have missed out. 🙂

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