Kukup : 2D1N

This is a super outdated post. Back during the beginning of April, a bunch of us left Singapore and made way to Kukup for a short getaway. Everyone was looking for a break and since we couldn’t take leave all at the same time (because we all work together), we had to make do with 2 days 1 night getaway. (:

During the initial part of planning, we only had like 10 pax coming with us. On the day itself, we had a total of 15 people squeezing into the mini bus! LOL! And because we have a lot of people, we only paid $80 instead of the initial $90.

First stop right after we crossed the border was this coffee shop along Jalan Storey. Their fish otak-otak is to die for!

This was the bus we squeezed into!Β First stop for our trip was Tanjong Piai. It was some sort of a broadwalk. We managed to see lots of monkeys, lizard, komodo dragon, spiders and what nots!

This naughty monkey actually snatched a packet of sanitary pad from one of my friends and tried opening it. He must have thought that there’s food in it.

After many pictures of spiderwebs, lizards and random trees, we finally reached the ‘jetty’ looking place. Took lots of group pictures and made our away back to the mini bus.

Upon arrival in Kukup, we boarded the ferry to our chalet. Kukup is pretty much like a fishing village. Fish smelling place and lots of kelong to see.

This irritating dog was following the bf all the way from the jetty to the chalet area. It was constantly peeing at the footpath probably to make sure it won’t lost it’s way. Disgusting.

We had our very own fireworks display which costs us about 200RM. The boys did the dirty job while the girls sit down and snap pictures.

We also got to watch our very own magic show before going to bed. (:

Day two, we woke up early for breakfast, checked out of the chalet, walked around the Pulau Kukup National Park, had seafood for lunch and lots of durian along the way back to Singapore. (:

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