Obsession #4 – That thing that makes your hands soft

Yes, I have a container full of these small bottled stuffs and there’s plenty more lying around in my office and on my window grill and my table! Major obsession in action!

It started with thebodyshop craze which begins the day I got my membership card and since then, the purchases keeps coming in and it never stops. There was once where I can upgrade my membership to star loyalty which is like a VIP thingy and it entitles me to slightly more discounts etc and to get that I had to spend like $400+! Let’s just say, I got the card and was quite happy of my achievement (for a while that is).

Months after that, I realize that this is a problem of mine. The problem where I’d get the urge to grab something from thebodyshop even when I don’t need the things. I then swore that I wouldn’t splurge on thebodyshop again and never got my card renewed this time round. So, I managed to set myself free from the madness train I was on.

Nowadays, I limit my thebodyshop purchases to during their sales and whenever I really need to restock on them.

My obsession with thebodyshop is no longer of existence and what remains now is the obsession with hand moisturizers. I have like 6 small bottles of them stocked up in my office. I even have several other brands and currently I’m carrying around Soap & Glory Hand Food in my bag which I just bought a few days back and fell in love with it the moment I tried the tester.

Obsessed much? You be the judge.


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