Boardgame / Cardgame

I’m not much of a boardgame / card person. This is probably due to the fact that there isn’t anyone to play them with at home. So during one of the long weekends, we took the opportunity to go down to Settlers Cafe and played some games.

We started with playing ‘Project X’ which is somewhat similar to ‘Pictureka’ where you have to find the items indicated on the board.

It requires a good eyesight and fast reaction to win this game. Look at how the bf stands! one leg on the chair while the other is on the ground.. -.-“”!! Must be having lots of fun eyy?

My colleague purchased a few coupons which entitled us to 3 hours of gaming, main course, drinks, snacks and a scoop of ice cream at just $11. Such a steal!

this card game was fun! we had to make silly faces indicated on the card to ask it from another person.

We definitely had lots of fun and it is definitely worth it for the price that we paid!

Have a great monday people! XoXo!


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