Haul : Beauty Products

Shopping is the bestest way to destress one’s self and how can I survive going around and refrain myself from buying stuffs, right?

I’ve been wanting to try this lipgloss by Revlon especially after hearing lots of raves on this product where it’s not sticky and all. I finally saw my window of opportunity to grab this the other day when the bf was shopping at a departmental store. I managed to squeeze this little something into the bill which the bf paid for. heh! πŸ™‚

I got the one in Strawberry Fraise and if I’m not wrong, its the hottest red in their line. I love pairing it with my MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam Lustre. πŸ™‚

The last item that I managed to squeeze into bf’s bill was a Maybelline Unstoppable Smudge Proof Eyeliner for my waterline. I’ve been looking for a good one which will stay on my waterline. This stays for quite sometime and disappears after lots of eye rubbing.

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with lip balm. One thing I can’t stand is cracked lips. The fact that I’m working in an air-conditioned environment makes me need this baby more. Not digging this Soft Rose scent though. Think I prefer their Grapefruit scent (Not so sure if its grapefruit. Can’t recall).

Another lip balm. Yes. Maybelline came out with this recently and I learnt about this from my Cleo magazine. Since the packaging is uber cute, I decided to give it a try. Got the one in energizing orange. The scent is very mild though. I need stronger scent!

You know that roll-on thingy with sticky paper? Yes? This is the more subtle version of that. Got this one from Watsons and I’m so gonna keep this in my bag! πŸ™‚

I knew I was in trouble when I stumble upon The Body Shop sale. I almost wanted to get everything but neh, I managed to control myself. Heh. Bought these two shower gel and they smell yummy! Wouldn’t be suprised if I don’t come out of my bathroom. Recommended!

Also got their Aloe Gentle Facial Wash for me to try. I’m going to swap between some other facial products I have in my bathroom shelf every now and then.

Oh, that’s the end. Phew! Have a great day and happy shopping ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Haul : Beauty Products

  1. yanti says:

    LOL im addicted to dewberry gel! to the extend that i keep using it when i still have satsuma somewhere…

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