Cutesy irresistible stuffs…

Don’t really know about you guys but have you ever experienced walking into a shop and telling yourself that you shouldn’t buy anything and ten minutes later or so, you end up with a bag of stuffs just because you couldn’t resist not getting them and worry that they might be sold out? I do! All the time!

For me, it often happens in a beauty shop. But recently, I found myself physically attracted to Cotton On (The fact that there’s a Cotton On outlet very close to where I work, doesn’t help at all!).

I saw their new “line” or something by Typo about a month back and didn’t think much about it all. Then a few weeks back, while walking around Wisma with Priscilla, we chanced upon the newly opened shop called Typo (right smack beside Cotton On, FYI) and inside it was like a piece of heaven on earth! The shop was filled with cute irresistible stuffs. We managed to leave the shop unscarred. Thank god!

Basically, they have cute office supplies, cute mugs, cute posters, cute bottles.. lets just say, they have everything cuteΒ sold at a veryΒ affordable price! Their colored pens were going for like 1 for $1. MADNESS! I know!

So I went into Cotton On the other day after work and left the shop with a bag filled with two A4 sized notepad (initial price $7.95 each) at 2 for $10 and a colorful notepad at $11.95. Cheap or not?!!

I now have this colorful notepad placed beside my monitor so that I can jot down random thoughts or random things I saw online and not loose them! Haha!

Leaving a shop with a bag of stuffs when you initially don’t want to get anything worries me. A good example would be when I visit a shop for the first time or so and whoever is accompanying me at that time disagrees on me getting that thing, I’d find myself coming back to the shop on my own on a later date just to get that thing! Crazy!

Tell me if you have such problem going on. It would make me feel gazillion times better you know! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Cutesy irresistible stuffs…

  1. fuzzygreenlights says:

    OMG! Typo is finally here? I found them at Sydney and have been waiting ever since because the staff told me they’ll be opening some branches here. YAY!!!

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