It’ s monochrome and not manocrome. WTH!

It was TGIF and since the bf was late for meet up, I spent the few minutes of alone time at Queenstown (the meet up place) by walking around the old HDB building right smack beside the MRT station. It was those kind of old HDB building and it struck to me that I should take out my camera and take some pictures for keepsake.

Just like any other day this week, the weather was gloomy. Maybe that explains why the sudden urge to use monochrome.

interesting shoe imprints on the ground.

I kind of miss my old letter box. Now, I have to bend down to collect my letters. -.-“””!!

I finally put on my high cut shoe once again. Super expensive and not fully utilized. It still hurts my leg when i wear it. Need to season it.

one of my favourite ‘ride’ at the playground other than the swing. I remember trying to compete with my friends on how close we can bend it to the ground. LOL!

Guess with the improvements and upgrading works going on within our society, there’s many things that we’ll miss. Maybe its time to take out our cameras and snap the things to retain the memory of them. (: That’s the best that we could do compared to forgetting them.


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