You know you’re spoilt when you find yourself hailing for a cab

Last Saturday was a random meet up between myself and the two people I used to work with back during the days where having a part-time job to survive is a must.

It was scorching hot that day and me being me decided to hail a cab and poof! We’re in barrage! It’s funny how the taxi driver doesn’t know where Marina Barrage is at.

These two then bought a kite to be shared between the three of us. It was super overpriced. $13 for a kite and if I’m not wrong, they had to add another $5 for the string.

Yanti already confessed prior to the event that she doesn’t know how to fly a kite. True enough, she sucked at it. LOL! (Sorry Yanti, I know you’ll be reading this! Hah!)

Faizul was late but both Yanti and myself decided to let him off only because he brought for us some yummy homemade sausage sandwich! It’s funny how the guy ended bringing food while the two of us came empty handed. πŸ™‚

We each kicked Faizul’s ass in both monopoly deal and pictureka. LOL!

it started to rain when we reached the bustop to Marina South Mrt. We didn’t get drenched by the rain. We got drenched by the stupid lorry which sped through a puddle of water. That left us wet from head to toe. Awesome.

We cabbed to Marina Square, had dinner and had dessert at ‘Sweet Sweet Tooth’ which is located at the new Marina Square Link.

This chocolate snow ice is uber delicious. (:

It was a fun day out. Till the next time we meet again. XoXo. (:


7 thoughts on “You know you’re spoilt when you find yourself hailing for a cab

  1. yu fang says:

    HAHAHAHA! YANTI FINALLY KNOW HOW TO FLY KITE AH?!?! LOLOLS!!! In china, she emo sia when the kite cannot fly. OOPS. =X

  2. yanti says:

    eh wth yufang! gossip sia! LOL. eh rai, i love reading your journal at one go and mass comment lah! HAHA! so this is the last entry…i remembered reading the entry before this one (on the day we went out) LOL!

    • rai-ana says:

      HAHAHA!! Don’t fight ah you two.
      I can see that you read everything at one go! LOL! Suddenly my email flooded with comment notifications. LOL! πŸ™‚

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