Obsession #3 – That Rubbery Shoe

If you know me, the only shoe you’ll see me wearing would be my crocs. I would be wearing my crocs 98% of the 365 days on the calendar.

Just bought this crocs somewhere in February. My previous pair of crocs was also in black and it lasted for about 2 years! I knew I had to get a new pair as the patterns on the soles have totally worn off.

I love having jigbitz on my crocs. They sort of brighten up the dull look of the crocs.

The main thing I love about crocs would be the durability and waterproof factor. I don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping into a puddle on a rainy day. πŸ™‚ It is also easy to clean any dirt on the shoe!

Yes, the shoe bites but it disappears over time as they expands after sometime. Despite that tiny winy bit of imperfection, i still love my crocs. $50+ for a pair of shoe that is comfortable, durable, waterproof and long lasting, why not?

I have other colors but I’d normally stick to black cos it’s more wearable for work.


6 thoughts on “Obsession #3 – That Rubbery Shoe

  1. lenny says:

    i love crocs too. i have flat foot and there was this one time my feet swell up because i had to stand from 9 to 5 as a result of wearing the wrong shoe during my attachment. learnt my lesson and i’m investing on another pair for work.

    • rai-ana says:

      yey! i finally found a crocs lover just like me! my friends couldnt understand why i just cant part with my old crocs. LOL! it’s so comfy and very durable! πŸ™‚

      • rai-ana says:

        Last time, a gym instructor told me that i have a flat foot and till today, i dont know. HAHA! or rather, i dont bother to find out about it. maybe i do, maybe i dont. πŸ™‚

        Aren’t birks supposed to be good? a friend used to say that the soles will match your feets after a few usage. yes? no?

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