To the Museum of Toys We Went!

A month back (I feel that I always use ‘a month’ to describe the timeline. LOL!), I bought a pair of entry tickets to the Singapore Mint Toy Museum at 50% off. YEY! Managed to finally use them on Saturday.

We were clearly excited to see the toys and hopefully have a great time there. The last picture was funny though. Bf managed to secretly hitch a ride on a trishaw and while in the process of taking the picture, the owner came back and looked pretty angry. LOL!

Okay, I have to admit. I was a tad disappointed at the display of toys as I was actually expecting for toys from my childhood like smurfs, five stones,  barbies.. ah you get what i mean. but no, the toys on display are those from all over the world and most of them, I’ve not heard of.

yes, how can we miss star wars out righttttt…?

Bugs bunny and noddy looked weird.. Bugs actually looked creepy with the huge ass teeth, don’t cha think so?  Tin Tin, Popeye, 7 Dwarf and Pinnochio. Popeye stuffs can actually value up to 10,000 USD each. I can forsee Zanna being rich in the future if she sells away her popeye collection. LOL!

Felix the cat was one of my favourite cartoon! So much like doraemon. The older version of mickey mouse looked weirdly ugly. Thank god for the upgrade! 🙂

Never heard of this toy before but I think it’s quite racist. And the Darkie toothpaste, bad joke.

Wouldn’t want these creepy looking dolls in my house. Especially that clown doll.

The third last picture is the ugliest picture of the ugliest version of the beetles. Broom like hair and plain ugly.

Lunch at Swensens where we had our usual pasta and caesar salad with breaded chicken. Bf didnt like the banana crumble though. )=

Walk to Marina Square and chanced upon the bouldering competition that was going on at the Atrium. Bf and I came up with the craziest idea where we should take a bouldering course! My all time dream! We shall see what happens. (:

The day ended with a me running up the staircase to snap a clear view of the perfect sunset, live band at the esplanade and watching the city switch off its light to commemorate Earth Hour. (: It was perfect~


3 thoughts on “To the Museum of Toys We Went!

  1. yanti says:

    LOL at the cat muka sardin on the…err, parapet? anyway i dont like banana crumble too. or was it apple crumble? either ways, i dont like them both. eh asal gambar tak clear eh?!?

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