The best part of my mornings.

the best thing about mornings would be the fact that i’d get to sit infront of this table and take my own sweet time putting my make up on. it’s somewhat therapeutic and something that keeps me happy about waking up in the morning.

and so about a few weeks back. the bf and i dragged home a table from Ikea and we fixed! (love my mr handyman! hehe!)

not a fancy table. just a simple one which costs $29. turned the table into a vanity table where i put all my beauty products on.

bought a few pencil holders to store my jumbo eye pencils, brushes and eyeshadows. now they all stand nicely.

love my vanity table. simple yet satisfying. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The best part of my mornings.

    • rai-ana says:

      I can never have enough of them! Tell you a secret okay, there’s some which i’ve yet to touch since the day i bought them! HAHAH!

      Oh, thanks, i got the mirror from Ikea. Cheap and nice.. 🙂

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