Batam : 2D1N, because we rock each other’s world

so last weekends, us girls managed to squeeze some time to go for a short holiday trip. 2D1N at batam

it took around 1 hour to reach the waterfront jetty. the hotel that we stayed at had transfer service from the jetty to the hotel which wasnt that far.

the hotel was pretty much efficient. we had our rooms ready even before check in time. settled our ferry departure timing and off we went into our room.

since batam time is 1 hour behind us, we had plenty of time to rest while waiting for the next shuttle service to Nagoya (the town) which is at 2pm their time.

all the travelling made us hungry and sleepy. we redeemed the free pizza and had them deliver to our room.

the view from our room.

the shuttle bus was cramped and the journey was long. the bus had to constantly brake so that it wont drive into the pothole.

the first place we went to, in the shopping centre, was the ayam penyet stall! we were starving and couldnt bother about other choices. the ayam penyet was simply delicious and it costs less than $2!!

bought keychains for the boys back at home.

we went gaga at the supermarket. everything was so cheap!

this is uber unhygienic. you can handpick your finger food and weigh them and you’re good to go.

$20 worth of stuffs from the supermarket. so much for going in just to get a toothbrush.

got our rootbeer from A&W and sadly they ran out of waffles. since we were seated right smack infront of the counter, we couldnt steal the mug. )=

had our 3 hour massage at Isabella after that.

remember about the OOS waffles at A&W? yes, we went back after the massage and managed to grab one! yey!

had some yummy food for dinner. the grilled prawn was delicious~!

a hungry girl is an angry girl.

back in the hotel bathroom, we took out our toothbrushes which we bought at the supermarket and started posing. we’re cute like that.

We had some bed bug problem in our hotel room. Nas was complaining that there’s something biting her and initially we thought it was mosquito. After much fidgeting, Nas finally realized that there’s something crawling on the comforter which we later confirmed was bed bug. Called the housekeeping and he came in with new covers and a can of sheildtox. Called the front desk and insisted on changing rooms. So there we were, 2am in a new room.

after breakfast we went to the pool and jacuzzi and back into the hotel for a short nap while waiting for our ferry back home.

and so that was the end of our short yet fun trip.

FYI. We stayed at Harris Resort Batam where we stayed in the newly built building “Harris Trendy” for a total of $205 for 3 person. This excludes the $27 tax per person which were to be paid at the ferry terminal.

We also had our massage at Isabella Massage House where we got the couple massage for three person! the body scrub is highly recommended. be warned that you might be leaving the massage place with an aching calves just like the rest of us did. LOL!

anywhoot, have a great monday you all! (pictures credit to Nasuha)


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