Cheers to the love and friendship that never forgets your special day…

so i turned a year older the other day! woohoo~ two more years to quarter life crisis. =S

for the past few years, my birthdays were celebrated with lovely friends. lately our lives were too hectic that it was almost impossible to even attend a simple met up. no matter what, we never fail to spend time on each others’ birthday.

and so, the celebration started with a simple dinner at Marche with the colleagues one day before my birthday.

had banana crepe with chocolate ice cream as my cake~! no, i did not just turn ten. lol!

played saboteur at *scape’s macdees and was asked by the supervisor to leave the premises.  despite being adult and all, we ignored the instruction and played a couple more rounds. LOL!

18/02/2011 – i was on half day on my birthday. came to work in the afternoon with a cake on my table. my colleagues was secretly giggling as they observed me staring at the cake with a blank face.

apparently my sneaky bf liaised with my colleagues to get me a cake. i found it hard to try cut that already small cake into small pieces so that i can give a piece to almost everyone in the office.

after work, bf and i went to the much awaited ice cream buffet at swensens ion! woohoot~!

the place was the same like how it was on my last visit which was like a year ago.

after dinner, we passed by the Noise Singapore exhibition and decided to participate and sketch some stuffs.

the decision to sit and sketch was so random and fun!

19/02/2011 – on the next day, i had to go to a flea on my own as bf needs to prepare his suprise for me. he made me take a cab from the flea to tekka mall where he made me walk and finally we ended at what first struck to me as a restaurant at a shophouse. =S

his suprise was a much requested staycation at a boutique hotel! especially when my holiday trip was postponed to almost the end of the year.

bf got the pink room. yey! favourite color! haha.

i was taken aback when i saw that the hotel provided complementary products from Kiehl’s! expensive noh~!

love their breakfast set up. not really in love with their breakfast menu though. no waffles and pancakes.. bummer~

i was on cereal heaven while bf was on peanut butter and bread heaven.. LOL~! they had so many different types of cereals. all 8 of them~ i managed to squeeze each one of them in my bowl though~ yey!

took some pictures before we left. i need more holidays!!

20/02/2011 – Prawning in the afternoon with the fourofus.

lets just say that we’re a perfect combination. pris and myself does all the fishing while sarah n zanna did all the unhooking of the prawns and BBQ-ing!! lol!

we did catch alot. i almost managed to catch a huge prawn (the head was as big as my fist!) but as i was pulling it out of the water and desperately seeking for help from the guy beside me and praying that the fishing rod wouldnt break, it unhooked itself and poof, it’s gone. a few minutes later, the guy beside me caught a huge prawn. i supposed it was the same prawn lor! )= bummer.

so i had a great time with my loved ones. it was a great way to turn a year older. =)

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday super awesome and memorable!
Thanks to the colleagues for dinner at Marche. The food was delicious and the company was fabulous! Couldnt ask for anything more. It was just perfect.
To the bf, thanks for the much needed stay-cation! Was desperate need of it and wonderlust sealed the deal. Oh, not forgetting for the much begged ice cream buffet, clam chowder and yummmmmmy huge cake~! hahaah~! and also, thanks for the awesome suprise at work! 🙂 love you lots!
To the four of us, thanks for the eeky yet fun prawning session! thanks to priscilla for sitting with me throughout the 3 hours of prawning, thanks to zanna and sarah who helped to remove the prawns off the hook.. LOL!! and thanks for the presenttttttt~!
To gango, thanks for the funny whatsapp group conversation we had. (: much loved.
Last but not least, thanks to everyone who wished me on Facebook, Twitter and via Texting. 🙂 Love you all lots!


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