simple pleasure.

pitter patter rain drop as the droplets hits the bus window.

white fluffy clouds changed to dark scary clouds.

cut the rope kept us occupied throughout the journey. it’s an awesome game! worth the 99cents USD.

the RM33 haircut to keep those ends neat.

RM8 cab ride to the place to satisfy our cravings.

the fat girl who desperately needs to eat chili crab.

the not so secret eating location.

root beer float

sweet yet yummy ice milo

the yummy cereal prawn

sambal kangkong. believe it or not, the bf who doesnt eat vegetable cleaned the whole plate!

the mouth watering chili crab that makes us come back for more!

after jumping onto a bus with my bare feets after my whole leg got bitten by hundreds of ants, we found ourselves walking through the pasar malam. made our way back to city square, bought dettol and washed my leg with it to remove all the itchyness. indulged ourselves with some cotton candy which tasted much like paddle pop to take my mind away from the pain and itchiness on my leg.

made way to holland village and found ourselves sitting amongst some of bf’s friends, sipping to a simple cup ofΒ  tea while watching soccer.

took the night rider home and before we know it, we’re snoring away in our own beds.

simple pleasure. simple date. bliss.


6 thoughts on “simple pleasure.

  1. fuzzygreenlights says:

    “after jumping onto a bus with my bare feets after my whole leg got bitten by hundreds of ants..”


    • Rai says:

      Oh man! That happened while we were waiting for the cab on the road verge after dinner. Suddenly my leg felt painful and I looked down and saw lots of ants on it. Both legs pulak tu! Apparently I didn’t realize I was standing on an ants house. -.-“”!! Now my leg all itchy and covered with bite marks. FML.

  2. lenny says:

    oh dear, your pictures are making me craving for things i really shouldn’t at this time of the night haha! and ouch about the ants biting your legs incident. i hope you’re all fine now!

    • rai-ana says:

      I know rightttttttt! My cravings comes back whenever I look at those pictures and it’s such a bummer that the seafood in Singapore are overly priced. So no choice but to go across the border. =S

      Oh, the legs are feeling much better now. Thanks!

    • rai-ana says:

      Hi Lidya,

      I’m sorry but I’m not sure what’s the bus number. I’d normally go there by cab. Its just that on that day while waiting for a cab to fetch us back to customs, the bus we hailed happens to pass by city square. πŸ™‚

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