when work ends early…

since yesterday was chinese new year eve, work ended early. walked around the good old bugis and decided to try the takoyaki ball from Japan Boat Takoyaki. it was different compared to the normal ones we usually see at the ‘pasar malam‘ as they’re somewhat crispy and less floury. Bf thinks that it’s nice while i personally prefer the usual ones we get at the pasar malam.

the uber cute octopus tissue dispenser from the shop. 🙂

the end product! $2.50 for three takoyaki balls. 🙂

that colorful spiral staircase near bugis street.

how can we say no to the bananna milkshake from bugis street. once again, its super yummy! must must must try! heh.

one of the interesting thing about arab street is their graffiti-ed walls.

there’s something about arab street which makes you want to take pictures…

see! told ya!

bf was craving for gado-gado (not in picture) and i ended up eating mee rebus from Kampong Glam Cafe.

i used to go to this particular shop often to get this $2 butterfly so that i can bring it home and play with Puteh. she would spend the whole day chasing after the butterfly and biting the wings off.

the shop which has all the toys we used to play 20 years back.

couldnt help myself and bought this balloon thingy for just 50cents. there’s like 10 small tubes inside.

the bf also got himself something! that’s him digging out the pieces of his styrofoam aeroplane.

the 50cents styrofoam plane that never flew.

bf was uber excited when i told him that he can play his aeroplane at the empty field.

love the reflections on the balloon. too bad they couldnt last.

anywhoots, to all my chinese friends, happy chinese new year. and to the non-chinese friends, enjoy the zombie town. 🙂

lots of love.




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