those colorful purchases

Ever since the bf started working all the way in Ubi, we’ve been meeting very often for dinner and after that, we will take the bus home. πŸ™‚

I’ve been doing some shopping and re-stocking lately.

a) Two days ago i saw some accessories on sales and got these pair of earrings for just $4! It requires a lot of getting used to as they are quite heavy when you put them on but appearance wise, they’re drop dead gorgeous!

i couldn’t recall the last time i bought a pair of fanciful earrings. my used to be filled earring stand is pretty much bare right now. ):

b) i told myself plenty of times that i should wait for the MAC Pro Longwear foundation to be released here in Singapore before buying another foundation (couldn’t buy it online as i have no idea what is my skin color tone). i ended up getting the Mineralize Satinfinish foundation two days back as my Skinfinish compact has almost thoroughly hit pan.

i’ m pretty much a convert (from powder to liquid that is!) and that extra $5 for better coverage better be worth it!

c) Sarah gave each of us (fourofus) a makeup pouch as a christmas gift the last time we met. it contained some samples which i’m slowly trying out. πŸ™‚ thanks Sarah!

before this, i’ve never known what is BB cream.

BB basically stands for Blemish Balm. It was said that when people go for plastic surgery or such, they would apply this BB thingy on their face to help the healing process. BB cream supposedly contains good stuffs which is good for your skin. unfortunately, they only come in light tones. having tried the two samples that sarah gave (one was from Skin Food and i couldnt recall what brand was the other one), i learnt that BB is not for my skin as i would get breakouts. =S so i’d suggest you to get samples and try it out before investing in one as they may or may not work for your skin.

d) OMG! i’m superbly excited to share with you this purchase i made yesterday! *squeals* i’ve been searching high and low for this book and when i finally found it at Birds & Co, it had to be the last piece and was pretty much not in good condition. so i didnt buy. i have been itching to buy it ever since and yesterday, they restocked and there’s a bunch of this book! yey!

My Wonderful World of Fashion by Nina Chakkrabarti. i learnt about this book from my favourite youtuber. like what was stated on the cover, “A book for drawing, creating and dreaming”. its one of those activity books where you can scribble on the pages and color stuffs. the only difference is that the activities are mainly on fashion and they’re suitable for adults!

aint the cover page damn cute?! i’d say $34.50 for a cute book is definitely worth it! hehe…

okay, let me stop babbling and share with you some of the pages in the book.

interested yet? hehe..

anyways, have a great weekend you people! πŸ™‚



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