it’s brush cleaning day today!

i try hard making time to wash my brushes at least once a week . and finally after two weeks of postponing this thing, i’m finally doing it today.

these are the few brushes that i have. they’re normally kept at home andΒ  i only use them in the morning when i get ready for work. i usually carry around my kabuki brush which i got from Body Shop in my make up bag. i use it for everything i.e. applying foundation, blusher and bronzer. it is soooo convenient using brushes instead the good old sponge.

i’d normally do this in the toilet cos its more convenient and much easier to clean up the mess but today was an exception, i did it in my room.

i poured some of my brush cleanser solution which i got from Tony Moly into the small container and mix it with some water. Used the water from the big container to clean the excess solution.

see how much product is hiding behind those bristles? it is so easy to clean the brushes. the drying process however takes almost forever! =S

tadaaaaa~! all done. time to clear the mess, wait for the brushes to dry and till next week where the same routine starts again. heh.

*oh, do make sure your brushes are completely dry before storing it. you dont want moles growing on them dont you?



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