JGF (Jolly Good Food)

it was half day on Christmas Eve thus the colleague invited us to her house. by around 3pm, almost everyone was present and we started whipping up dinner.

everyone of us tried our hands on dumpling making. we made hundred plus dumplings that day.

the folding part wasnt as hard as compared to the rolling part as you have to make it into a sort of perfect circle.

by 6pm, our tummy started grumbling. apart from the dishes that were prepared, we ordered sakae sushi and pizzas!

played a new found card game called Saboture which is much like a mind guessing game come teamwork game. it provided us with hours of entertainment!

had prize exchanging somewhere in between. i ended up with a winnie the pooh which i’ve yet to take it out of the box.

one of my colleagues made tiramisu (without rum of course!) which was superbly delicious. i had two slices that day and wished i could have more! must make one soon!!

this picture was taken close to 2am after many rounds of drinks and saboture. awesome!


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