When you’re tired and lazy almost all the time

(picture credit to Nas)

I’ve been tired most of the time and hence no time to write. Did I mention that I’ve stopped carrying around my huge ass camera everywhere I go?! It is horrifyingly true! OMG! Anwhoot, amongst the chaos and packed schedule and massive overtime (OT for 6 hours during the first week of year!) managed to squeeze time for Sentosa with the two girls. Apparently nobody brought cameras (whats wrong with us?!) so had to make do with Nas’s iPhone camera. It was a jolly good time catching up. Spent my Saturday freaking out on how much my upcoming holiday (not telling u yet) is going to cost me. I heard there’s so many things to buy. Apart from that, accommodation costs a bomb! Nothing below $100 *pulls hair*.

I’m getting desperate looking at how dead my wordpress looks so I’m typing all these on iPhone. =\

On a side note, bf landed a job and apart from the fact that it’s all the way on the opposite side of Singapore, bf is happy with his job. Thank god!

Ok. Shall write again soon! (: have a great midweek!


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