along that 365 days ; 2010

2010 kicked off quite slow with a couple of loose ends that needed to be fixed. Nevertheless, it ended on a high note (okay, not that high but ahhh you get what i mean).

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend the Singapore Airshow. The up side was that i got to go on the trade days which means no crowd and i didnt have to pay a single cent except for the shuttle bus which costs me a whooping $5! The down side was that i had only one ticket meaning it’s just me myself and i along with hundred other strangers. (:

I turned 22 this year. At times I have this mental blockages where I couldnt recall how old I am that at times, i think i’m still 21 turning 22! Something is seriously wrong with my head! Anyways back to the story…

When i recall my 22nd i recall the suprise visit Nas, Emek, Adib & Fahmi did at my house. Clearly I have not showered and blew the candles on my cake with my unbrushed teeth. That explains why the cake tasted extraordinarily delicious! HAHA! Just joking. Another thing i recalled was opening the gift from FourOfUs and saw the present with the price intact. LOL!

This year, my birthday marks the new beginning for my career. Hopefully the decisions i made on my career would carry me a long way and further up the chart and not to mention, higher pay! Boss, if you read this, i think i’m underpaid! LOL!

Attended my colleague’s wedding. My first ever chinese wedding and it was held on the Imperial Cheng Ho Cruise. After more than 5 hours on the cruise, my excitement died along with the sun and all i ever thought about doing was jumping off the boat and swim back to the shore. Nothing much to do except snapping pictures of the scenery. [HERE]

Managed to have my first ever picnic under the sky with the person i love. He also suprised me with a teddy bear. the one that i’ve always liked. [HERE]

Months later, he had to leave for taiwan. and i never fail to count down to the day he’ll be back. never ending flooding on his fb wall and also our note book which we promised to update every single day, rain or shine. [HERE]

i remembered bursting out loud looking at his sketch… =3

Sarah invited myself and pris to USS and a night stay at Hard Rock Hotel! She could have picked any of her friends and i’m some what touched that she picked us out of the pile.. (: Thanks sarah! We had a hell of a good time and it was my first time that night stepping into St James Powerstation. Clubbing aint that happening yo! [HERE]

Bought my first high cut shoe which costs me $179. I rarely use it nowadays.. *slaps self* [HERE]

Nas, Zee and myself splurged $18 each just to catch the premier screening of SATC2. Maddness you know! I still think SATC is the bestest chick flick thingy ever made regardless of the ratings and reviews! [HERE]

I ran my first 10km marathon and am super proud of myself. Thanks to my running buddy Pris who made time to accompany me to the gym and to zee for coming up with the sundown idea but never attended. LOL! [HERE]

Got on my first ever ride up the Singapore Flyer. It was magnificent. 30 minutes up on that wheel is not enough! I was busy clicking my camera throughout! [HERE]

Went on my first and the last overseas holiday of the year to Krabi. First time travelling out of Singapore on my own without the usual people and I’m happy to say i made it! haha! [HERE]

Took part in Canon Photo Marathon this year and i did learn alot. The pressure and working under the sun, i need to control my temper. (: Nevertheless, thank you mr bf for being there even when i turned in to the hulk you still love meeeeee…[HERE]

Tried our hands on prawning and god! it was fun yet the fear of getting pinched by the prawn claws is scary! [HERE]

Successful baking of the year, i’m proud to say, where i baked a birthday cake for Sarah. (: [HERE]

Went on another 10km marathon to sum up the year. The sun was brutal and the route was crazy! Myself and Pris managed to rope in Sarah for the run.. hehe… (: [HERE]

Chirstmas eve this year was spent at my colleague’s place where we ladies cooked while the guys were busy sitting outside watching tv. It was a fun bonding moment. (: updates on that will be up soon!

This year i went a little too much on gadgets. Got myself the Canon 50D, bf got for me Desiree Robo 3 when he came back from Taiwan, I then got myself a Holga 135BC, a 50mm lens and recently i got myself a Canon Selphy C800 Photo printer! Lent my Powershot to my colleague and he loose it.. bummer!

So here it is. My highlights of 2010…

For 2011, i hope that more doors of opportunities will open, an everlasting relationship with the bf and never ending fun and laughter. insyallah..

Happy new year everyone!

Lots of love,
Raihana Edrus.


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