lighted hearts

Heard about the word “bokeh“? I didn’t, until recently. Basically by definition, bokeh is the blur in certain areas of an image (just like the pictures above).

You must be wondering how come the pictures are filled with colored hearts, this is why…

a simple diy with a piece of black paper, a pair of scissors and double sided tape.

with a small slit on the front, in this case heart shape, and you’re ready to go!

so get your artsy fartsy fingers and make one today! πŸ™‚

inspired by sweetlovenotes.


3 thoughts on “lighted hearts

  1. yanti says:

    waaa you actually credited me! [/shy] and your bokeh lens nice ah! so decorated!
    actually i saw on google that people use those plastic cards (like your ic) to make the front part of the lens. dont know how they cut the shape eh.

      • yanti says:

        yalah i used that too! beli kat daiso. but if i were to use a thicker material to make the lens then nampak sangat seh benda dua dolar tu tak boleh cut through o.O

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