after one whole week of craving…

go guess where i went to satisfy my crepe craving?

Mazazu Crepe
117 River Valley Road
Liang Court #B1-30/30A
Singapore 179030

as you can see, there’s many different flavours to choose from! i was spoilt for choice since i can only choose one! =/

that’s my “dont-mess-with-me-if-you-dont-give-me-crepes” face. šŸ™‚

So i had Banana Brownie Custard (the fatter looking one; $5.80) while the bf had Choco Brownie ($4.80).

Lets just say it was mad awesome that i cant wait to come back and grab another crepe! It’s damn gooooood!

who the hack invented slim soup?! shouldnt people who want to be slim and not exercise not eat?

Have a great week ahead!


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