Life is hard, enjoy…

was at the east side to collect my race pack. didn’t want to go home straight dreading the long journey back. went to Downtown East and before we left, we went into this dessert shop called “Life is short enjoy soft!” (the name is a tad too long for a shop yeah?)

everything looked yummy-licious and the price was reasonable. we tried to be safe and decide to stick with the best seller. it has chocolate fudge, oreo crumbs and milo powder as toppings with fruity pebbles (cereal) as its base! munching this may result in orgasmic pleasure! (: LOL!

picture of the end product.

my take on ice cream is that it is simply delicious. yes, the stuffs they put in are things you can find at the supermarket and all.. but i think the ice cream makes the difference. yes? would definitely try it again when i drop by the east side. (:


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