Apple Pie Flavored.

ok. here’s one for the road.

My boyfriend is a fan of ice creams. He’ll practically beg me to have ice cream most of the time. His favorite had to be good old paddle pop. On every other days, he’ll ask for a visit to island cremery.

This time, we i tried a new flavor. Apple pie ice cream. While he had some chocolate flavored ice cream (*shouts* TYPICAL!). LOL!

What attracted me to the Apple pie ice cream was the crumbs you’ll get when you eat apple pie and its simply delicious! YOU HAVE TO TRY! haha.

In short, i’m hooked and i want more!

I complained to the bf that we havent been taking much pictures lately and he let me make stupid poses. (:

oh, did i mention that they have a photo printing service? Yes they do. Limited to one per group though. But you can always come over and over again and have your apple pie flavored ice cream! (:

Have a great weekend peeps! I’m heading over to the gym. 3 days in a row. God bless me!


2 thoughts on “Apple Pie Flavored.

  1. yanti says:

    then you both should try udders! at novena square. OMG its damn good. the place itself is awesome and you can always recommend a new flavor there like ticking on their chalkboard or something…have you been there before?

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