Sand, sun and everything fun! – Swap-a-roll

Took part in swap-a-roll project organized by fuzzygreenlights. A very rare opportunity to take out my holga and make new friends! (: My partner was Azie and here are the pictures from her films that i’ve developed!

Have fun!
*pictures taken with Superheadz Wide Angle Lens.

Bukit Panjang Road - Beware.

Who says woman are bad photographers?

Our man-made beach.

Where's everyone?!

Huge ass surfing board.

Lomography - A new take on an old style of analogue photography

We all do love it, don't we?

Gone were the days where i used to make sand castles with the family.

Mother & kids bonding time. ❀

Phase one completes.

Don't you just want to pinch their cheeks?

Bubble blowing time!

Windmill is loved

I used to bug my dad to buy one for me when i was a kid.

Over the other side.

"Lets check the direction of the wind!"

"Ta Teh.. Ta Teh..." If you get what i mean.

HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT ONE DAY! (Mr Bf, notice the caps? Hint hint!)

The "onlookers"

We've done it!


One of my favourites from her roll!

Been to Wavehouse?

Awesome waves!

Here's another one of my favourite! Great composure eyy?

Wash it all away...

Spot the miss fit?

Giant ball that will make your head spin.


That’s about all there is that came out of the roll. Would like to firstly thank Faiz for consolidating the participants and planning such a fun project. Secondly, thank you Azie for going around and taking such wonderful pictures!

Can’t wait to see how mine turns out! Hopefully it would be as wonderful as this. (:


3 thoughts on “Sand, sun and everything fun! – Swap-a-roll

  1. azie says:

    WOAH thanks for uploading! phew! about your photos, i think they will be ready by tmr…so stay tune okies! so sorry for the looonng waiting!

    • rai-ana says:

      HAH! no probs! your pictures turned out perfect! (: i’ll send the soft copy to you via email when i have more free time yeah! (:
      And yesssssss…. i cant wait for my pictures! haha. hopefully they turned out good!

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