When Las Vegas comes to you

02.11.2010, Tuesday ;Β  It was a weird + lucky day. Woke up in the morning with an intention to go to work. I already left home for work. At the interchange, i realized that my EzLink is low and definitely couldnt take the MRT. I dug for my wallet in my bag and to my surprise, it wasnt there. No choice, have to go back. Lucky the money in my EzLink is enough for the bus fare! Searched high and low for my wallet back at home but to no avail. Mom was already at NUH for her eye check up so nobody is at home to help. I finally gave up looking and called work to inform that i’ll be taking urgent leave. Called the banks and cancelled all my cards.

About two hours later, someone texted me “Hi, i picked up your purse.. Do you want me to return to you directly or to your house?” YES. I DROPPED MY WALLET. *faints* After sending SMS to and fro, i soon learnt that he was my secondary school friend. How lucky! Bf drove me over to meet him at NUH (coincidence right the location!) and we collected the wallet. Accompanied my mom for her check up there after since I’m already there.

I think god was trying to tell me that i should spend some time to accompany my mom. I think. Bf said that my mom looked happy that i came. (:

Okay. lets move on. After my mom was done with the check up, Bf and myself paid a visit to Singapore Science Centre where we already brought the CSI tickets on advance.

Science Center looked much like how i last visited or rather, how i first visited. (: Not much changes.

No photography inside the CSI Exhibition. That explains the crooked pictures! Basically each of us were given a clip board with a case number. We will then move on to the crime scene where we have to analyze the crime scene. There are questions to fill up and “labs” you have to visit to get the answers. In short, you get to be Grissom/Catherine/Nick etc for the day.

The whole thing was fun but decided to ‘resign’ after completing the first case. (:

We continued exploring the rest of Science Centre.

I love looking at the mirror display! Especially the ones which makes me appear slim! *sucks in tummy*

The whole day was fun & like i said lucky. Hope your weekend was enjoyable! (:



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