Colorful things

And so, a while back thefourofus celebrated Sarah’s 22nd birthday. We sound so old don’t we? =/ a simple gathering was held with us playing the two games we used to play back in polytechnic where everything was carefree and lectures, tutorials and project assignments were the last thing in our head.

We made such drastic improvements at the game of pool with the ball rolling within the table and not on the floor. Hah!

Bowling was another funny game we played with Sarah rolling the bowling ball with her bagpack on. We were rushing for time on the second round as we needed to fetch Helal so the bowling balls started flying everywhere. The tallied score for second round was too ridicule that we didn’t take pictures of it! hah!

after fetching Helal, we went to Swensens at IMM for dinner. Oh, did i mention i baked that birthday cake?! Everyone was baking the rainbow cake and so i decided to join the clan and try the recipe out! yey!

The cake turned out nice and everyone seemed to love it. (: No pictures of our dinner though as everyone was too busy eating.

Got Sarah a Guess wallet. Now all of us (except zanna who got herself a Mango Bag) got wallets for our 22nd birthday! YEY! what’s up for next year? Mine is up next you know! HAH!


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