We all go haunting for shots

my name is Raihana Edrus and i participated in the Canon Photomarathon 2010. here’s some of the random stuffs i snapped.

The two pictures i took for Theme 1 : Clarity.

At that moment, all i could think of was a bowl of water with droplets of water or something around that similar context.

These are just random shots taken. Nothing to do with the theme though.

This was taken at Marina Barrage for Theme 2 : Faith. I submitted something else which i dont think is appropriate to be shown here. (:

Canon was nice to provide some cleaning service at the event location. Some participants so “gang ho” that they brought so many lens! i only brought along my 50mm f1.8 and am very satisfied already. =/

This was taken for the last theme, Theme 3 : Charge. Too bad bf’s bike couldnt generate much smoke.. or else i think my idea could have been 100 times better! haha!

It was a much learning experience participating in such a large scaled photography marathon. I got to see what other participants took during the slide show and there’s much needed to be improved in mine. (: Anws, thanks mr bf for participating as well and entertaining this cranky person. Love you to bits.

Definitely going back next year. Canon Photomarathon 2011, here i come! hah! Anyways, have a great weekend you lovelies!


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