triple threat, triple ten

10.10.10 spent the day with a visit to Kranji War Memorial. what could i say? it was my virgin visit there! in my twenty two years of life in singapore, i finally stepped into the place where our forefathers who risked their lives to defend what belonged to us laid.

trash those stereotypical judgments about cemetery (especially this one!) as this aint any typical cemetery. it is surprisingly well maintained and one word “peaceful”.

(majority of the pictures, credits to the boy behind the lens)

had a random meet up with Nasuha & Adib at night. we decided on Minds Cafe.

played rounds of board games and ended just in time for their closing.

that was how i spent my 10.10.2010. (:

//my 5+years old laptop is cranky nowadays which is uber saddening. anyone wants to sponsor me $1.7k for a brand new Lenovo PC? heh.


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