PlayNation (iPhone quality pics)

Dropped by PlayNation yesterday after work with a couple of BF’s friends. It’s located a few shops beside Minds Cafe and it has been there for quite some time already.

It was our first visit there. They have Console (Wii & Xbox) and Boardgame packages separately. We took the console package and each of us had to pay $10 only since it was a Thursday night. On normal days, they close at about 11pm whereas 3am on Friday to Sundays.

Check out their Happy Hour package for Saturday & Sunday, 2-6pm. 4 frigging hours of console/boardgames for a super good price!

After a few rounds of rockband, soccer and racing (all in two hours), we found ourselves going to Teh Tarik at Jurong West.

I got to drive BF’s friend’s Mazda 3 and freaked the hell out of them! haha! the guy sitting beside me kept his arms crossed the whole time. They were glad that we finally reached our destination. Kelakar nak mampos. Who says ladies drive slowly? (:


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