Catch of the day!

Have you tried your hands at prawning? I have! Bf and myself tried the one at Jurong Hill as it was convenient for us and we were also told by many that the place is good.

we took the 3hours package which includes a rod and the bait.

The place is filled with families of many different races and people who are trying their luck at prawning. (:

We did not have any prior experience at prawning and when our first catch came up, we were super shocked at its size, its claws (WHY NOBODY TELL ME PRAWNS HAVE CLAWS?!) and everything! hah. we didnt know what to do. so next step was to approach the uncle nearest to us and ask him how to.

Five simple steps.
Let the prawn touch the ground,
Pinch together its two claws (careful cos the pinch hurts. my bf told me one)
Grab the prawn from the back other two finger still holding on to the claws
Twist to break the claws from the back
Remove the bait.

Sounds simple eyy… I lied. HAHA. its the same step plus all the mad rush you’re feeling and the eekyness of the prawns. Try it!

did i mention to you that free BBQ is provided? you just need to know how to start that fire and you’re ready to BBQ! (: charcoal and fire starter provided!

oh, and i would suggest you to go Sheng Siong/Giant or what have you and buy BBQ foods and BBQ there too! Can! Awesome right!?

In three hours, we managed to catch 13 prawns in which bf accidentally let go of one of it. Bummer…

Have a great wet sunday people. (:


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