Krabi : Sa-wa-di-kap ; Day 4

I’d say that the fourth day in krabi was the most relaxing of all the days we had there. prolly because it’s the last day. our flight was scheduled to depart at 2pm (3pm SG) so there wasnt much to do except wake up, have our breakfast, rent a fino and walk around while waiting for our time to leave. sad.

we had our fino filled before going round. we decided to go to the opposite side of krabi.

we took some pictures and settled by the beach.

did i ever mention here about how scary the beach looks like at night? unlike the beaches in SG which is constantly filled with cargo ships etc, krabi sea is somewhat empty and and… and dark. so at night, you cant see the sea. scary much?

that day, everything flew by very quickly. the next thing we know, we’re already in the car going back to the airport. and that marks the end of my krabi trip and also the end of the krabi entry.

lets pray i’ll get to save up more money for more awesome trips! told bf that we should make this like once every 6 months. woopie! so come back in like 6 months and lets see where i went. maybe not. HAH!

Summary on our expenditure for Krabi:
1. Return flight via Tiger Airways – $169.50 (solely tax!)
2. Accommodation at Ananta Burin Resort – $167.46
(3 nights stay. deluxe pool view room with breakfast included)
booked via
3. Four Island Tour by Long Tail Boat – 350Baht per pax (SGD$14)
Poda Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island and Phranang Cave.
4. Outdoor Adventure – 2050Baht per pax (SGD$82)
9km white water rafting, 5km elephant trekking, 30 mins ATV, Flying Fox.
5. Fino – 250Baht per day (S10)
6. Food – less than SGD 10 per day i supposed. (:
7. Shopping? things there are pricey so lets just say, we didn’t buy anything.

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