Krabi : Sa-wa-di-kap ; Day 3

Day three breakfast spread was different. We woke up as early as 7am (SG time – 8am).

Our pick up came at 8am and drove up to the Island Safari which is one and a half hour ride up.

Upon arrival (not much pictures to show), we changed into our wet attire and took a lorry up the mountain. We were greeted by a waterfall (Phra-Nga Waterfall)! The tour guide told us that it’s safe to swim there. The water was cold!

After a few minutes, we hiked down and got ready for white water rafting. Our package indicated 5km and so, we bought an extra 4km and its totally worth it! but i’d suggest that you buy that extra 4km at the travel agent itself as you can bargain the price there. we paid 500Baht per pax for that extra 4km ($20). White water rafting was a recommended must try!

Had our western cum thai lunch which was included in our package.

Next up was flying fox. Not what i was expecting though. It was a tad too low and short. So i wont recommend it.

So after all the wet activities, we hopped on the van and took another half an hour ride down to Phang-Nga Island Safari. Got on our 30minutes elephant ride. The elephant infront of us pooped and pee-ed. It was hillarious!

we caught the elephant and monkey show too! had our 30minutes ATV ride. It was a tad too slow but fun. I returned back covered in mud. Awesome! ((:

had fish spa before returning back to the hotel.

So in conclusion, our Island Safari Package includes:
1. white water rafting 5km
2. flying fox
3. elephant ride 30 mins
4. ATV 30 mins
5. elephant and monkey show
6. fish spa 30 mins

all that for 1650Baht per pax ($66) and the extra 4km white water rafting is 500Baht per pax ($20). Total Spent 2150Baht ($86) per pax.

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