without makeup, we’ll be naked.

i’m starting my makeup craze again! and there’s so many of them that i’d love to get but i sayang my buckaroos more! *runs to a corner and cry*

recently i did a check on my favourite makeup stuffs that i normally carry around with me wherever i go and thought i’d share some with you guys! haha. i’m desperately looking for some entertainment you see. so here it goes!

On the top of my list has to be my Mineralize M.A.C Skinfinish Natural Foundation ($46). I’m using the medium dark color tone and this is the second time purchase!

Its one of the “must put on everyday before going to work” stuff! As much as i love it, i cant wait for it to hit pan so that i can try the new M.A.C ProLong Wear Foundation (not in SG yet though)! hehe.

Second favourite is my Body Shop Bronzer! It’s my substitute for blusher as i already have red skin from all the rashes/allergy so this helps to sort of tone the redness down.

Kabuki brush is loved! especially this one! It’s from Body Shop. So soft and compact for travel. (: I recommend!

Body Shop skin primer in matte was listed as one of the recommended make up product to get in Cleo. This product goes on my face after my mosturizer. It helps make your make up stays on longer.

My favourite mascara that i carry around. Telescopic Clean by Loreal. It just leaves your eyelashes nice and clean. Not sure if they still have it now in stores. =)

My limited ed Lady Gaga Lipstick by M.A.C. ❤ ($28) It comes in two different tones and i got the one in soft pink.

The last item that i carry around is my spray bottle which contains my victoria secret body mist! love that scent!

i got these at SG airport upon arrival from Krabi trip. $18 each.

OH! Last item to share! I just got them on Sunday. <3!!!

got myself the 120 eyeshadow makeup palette for $32. i’m so going to have lots of fun playing around with the colors! so many to choose from! (:

Hope i didnt bore you to death with all the make up talk. LOL! Have a great midweek! ❤


2 thoughts on “without makeup, we’ll be naked.

  1. yanti says:

    omg i am so jealous of that lady gaga lipstick! The same shade that i wanted too! Anyway i was just only wondering what a primer is used for…wanted to google it tapi malas then just nice you made this entry… Heh.

    Anyway your vs body lotion and mist mahal per 18 bucks. I got mine at 16 bucks. K difference tak banyak. I used love spell previously. Omg love the smell! It last! No need put on perfume anymore sia lol. Now im using enchanted apple. Hehehe.

    Sorry ah raihana comment sepanjang mungkin :p

    • rai-ana says:

      OMG! thought nobody would read the entry and i finally have time to reply! haha.
      go get the lipstick uuh! i think its still available. they came out with a new line though, the disney villains! not bad too but most of them are already OOS…
      So far out of all the VS, i only like the love spell and this is like my 2nd bottle! where did you get urs?! $2 also money you know. can use to buy other stuffs.. haha!

      comment panjang2 lah. rindu kau punya comment! (:

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