Krabi : Sa-wa-di-kap ; Day 2

Day two of krabi would consist of mainly our four island hop. Our day started as early as 7.30am (8.30am local SG time). Had a huge ass breakfast at the hotel while waiting for our pickup at 8.30am.

Our pick up finally came and it drove us around to different hotels to pick other tourists before proceeding to the far end of Krabi where the boats are at.

we chose the four island hop via longtail boat which is only for 350Baht per pax ($14). be prepared to have lots of people around sharing the same boat with you! we had like 20 pax in the same boat. more is good!

first stop was Poda Island. By far, this is the most boring island out of the four. First reason, no snorkeling as no snorkeling gear was issued at that point of time. Second reason, there wasnt much to see and after thirty minutes, we decided to spend our next thirty sleeping under the shed. LOL! We brought breads along and as i was feeding, a flying fish bumped into my elbow and flew away leaving me with a scar. -.-“”!!

Second stop was Chicken Island! They gave us snorkeling gears and we jumped in! I was hesitant actually cos along the way, we saw lots of huge jelly fish in the water! Hah!

Having breads did help (learnt this from my snorkeling trip at Perhentian last year) to lure the fishes closer to you. See the last picture! That’s how much fish you can get surrounding you! Bf was behaving like a kid at a candy store! He simply refused to get out of the water till the last person get on the boat. -.-“”!!

Tup island was our third stop. Had our lunch (included in our package). Plain rice, fried egg and yummy chicken curry! Oh, and we got ourselves the dry tube on the day before for 300Baht ($12) only! SG is selling like two to three times the price lor!

We continued snorkeling (nothing much to see though). The moment we got out of the water, bf realized he got stung on his lips. HAHA! kiss of death.

Last stop was Phranang Cave. This stop was the bestest among all! Why?

This is why. If you bothered to climb up the rocks, get your legs dirty and probably get scars or blue black, you’ll get to see some magnificent views of the island. Trust me! We saw the other side of the island, we heard rattle sounds from rattle snakes, we crawled into a dark cave, i knocked my head onto some ‘icicle’ thingy and it was all worth it! Nearly lost my slippers along the way too!

The whole tour ended at like 5pm. Went back to our hotel, cleaned up, rented Fino (again), bought food and went to bed. All the snorkeling and sun drained our energy and we need more for the next day!

Next up, day three in Krabi. Stay tuned!

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