Krabi : Sa-wa-di-kap ; Day 1

Holiday. Finally.

And so, our flight to Krabi departed on 20 September 2010, 13:50. Why Krabi? Simple, I’m in need of a holiday and tigerairways was having offer. Total return flight fare from Singapore – Krabi is $169.50 per pax (and this is only the tax & extra baggage as the flight itself is $0.)

Flight towards Krabi took like 1hr 20 minutes. Which is 40 minutes shorter than from Singapore towards Bangkok!

The airport was frigging small and the moment we touched down, i remembered asking Mr Bf “you? thats the airport eh?!

They offered Taxi Service at the Airport itself. Airport to Ao Nang 600Baht per car* ($24). We were lucky enough to be approached by a couple who offered to share the cab with us. So in the end, we only paid 300Baht for the taxi.

We stayed at Ananta Burin Resort and paid $167.47 for 3 nights stay in their deluxe pool view room with breakfast included. The hotel was perfect for a medium budget hotel.

since i’m not a big fan of wasting time and all, we rented a Fino from the hotel at 250Baht per day; 24 hours * ($10). we found out after the trip that someone rented a Fino for 150Baht so, keep a look out!

first stop: getting our activities settled. the tough part was bargaining and finding the right agent. oh oh, and the cats above makes me want to bite and hug and snuggle with them! yes?

we settled with Green Planet. Day Two, we will be going on four island hopping at 350Baht per pax ($14) and day three we will be going for the island safari tour at 1650Baht per pax ($62).

topped up petrol for 40Baht per liter ($1.60).one has to have a very keen pair of eyes to spot the pump station as unlike those big ones we have in singapore, theirs are as small as those push cart stalls!

bf let me ride the bike for awhile and after much turning, we ended up at a stall. got ourselves some dinner which costs less than $10, got lost on the way and sort of panicked as the sun is starting to set fast. we did make it back to the hotel though.

had our simple yet superb dinner and decided to not waste our night sleeping. we headed out on our rented fino.

shopping in Ao Nang Krabi wasnt fantastic. everything was quite expensive so bf and i went back to the hotel with a couple of dry bags and banana + nutella pancake. YUM!

Day One. Ends here.

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