random thoughts…

hey there! its thursday once again hope your week have been great so far. mine was filled with hours and hours of overtime. nah, aint complaining especially when i think of the upcoming pay slip reflecting the hard work i’ve been putting in. (:

let me share with you some of the things that has have had happened.

The down side is that, Puteh have been looking rather sick lately. She’s been sleeping on the same bed as me and sort of trying to squeeze in. I think she’s just waiting for her time to pass on. The vet says that her lungs is failing…

i recently purchased this alphabet stamp thingy. have been looking around for one and finally found the right one. it costs close to fifty bucks! i better make full use of it! =P

it’s been long since i snapped a picture on my holgas. this are empty canister from my last two film rolls.

i notice that i always enter the same cabin every single morning and sit at the same seat almost every day! hah!

okay. will be back with more pictures. till then, work hard and play harder alrights. ❀


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