Majulah Singapura

Monday, 9 August 2010; some of you may be sitting at the comfort of your home on our independence day. for me and mr bf, we were amongst the thousand over patriotic singaporeans at marina south just across clifford pier.

here’s some pictures for your entertainment. (:

im such a sucker for fireworks. mr bf is my victim. LOL!

my second favourite part of NDP is the fly pass..

made some tuna sandwich for the bf. i'm a good gf kan....

even foreigners join the celebration under the sun.

there you go. havent been snapping much pictures lately though. whatever it is, have a great weak people! dont let the flu bug catch you. =P

oh, oh and a happy 45th birthday singapore! am so proud of you. esp after the awesome display for the YOG opening. cant wait for the closing ceremony. i’m sure it would be a blast! and that vortex fire thingy is just awesome!


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