green is the new black

31 July 2010; Pardon for the lack of updates. been pretty much busy and with the flu bug going around, i wasn’t spared. =X

Funny thing is that the bf is starting to love his greens. With the help of the thousand island sauce that is!  Swensens’ salads are a thumbs up!

Coca Cola was giving out free bottled drinks the other day in town in the spirit of the YOG and being the typical kiasu singaporean where free things, confirm must queue and grab, we joined the crowd! (:

we walked all the way to ion to get something for the bf, but its OOS (will share when we get our hands on that mad ass hot stuff okay!). instead, we bought a jumbo sized yami yogurt! (:

we also tried this steam bread from Hokkaido! (= so sedap you know! and they steam it on the spot when you order!

went to *scape but found the flea quite boring and so arcade it is!  gave the bowling billard thingy a try. bf is pretty much good at it. i on the other hand, was pulling down his score.. hehe.

so playing the bowling billard thingy and pinball and walking around made me hungry so i sort of convinced the bf to have some toast! i’m such a good ass half boiled egg cracker. (: i learnt that bf likes to stir his eggs together while i love them the way it is. i just love the part when i put the whole egg yolk in my mouth and the taste just burst. *yummy*

oh, and i put on lots of accessories for that day! (: and if you think hot pink iphone casing was bimbotic, try kicking it up a notch with a zhnged up iphone casing! yeah! i’ll give it like a month or two before the whole thing comes off and the casing cracks.. (:

have a great weekend earthlings. (;
praying hard that i’ll still be sick tomorrow so i can go grab an MC. hehe.


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